Tree Of Life

Dear Friend,

We are sure you, like so many of us, have had to witness a parent age, and need a little more help than they did in the past. Perhaps they were no longer in the prime of their life anymore, but their soul was the same. Still filled with love for you, and you remembered the love, and memories, and shelter that they gave you……the peace and wisdom they offered you when you needed it the most… they were the ones you would turn to in times of trouble. And suddenly helping them up those stairs or carrying their groceries or waiting a little longer for them to catch up didn’t seem like such a big sacrifice anymore.

We write you today because something that is beloved to us all is aging, and needs your assistance.

St. David Armenian church has stood as a pillar of our South Florida Armenian community for 26 years. It has watched the youngest of its first parishioners become adults, marry, have children of their own. It has watched the eldest of its first parishioners go home to God. And every service, hantes, and barahantes in between.

It has given as much as it can, but now is in dire need of help. As our expenses escalate, we are having difficulty meeting our daily obligations. Our building needs improvements from air conditioning to roofing to other replacement emergencies.

The Armenian Church is not just a place of worship, but also the glue that bonds us to our heritage, our values and our unique traditions.

As the first Christian nation, we are proud of our unique status as leaders of the largest religion in the world, and our contributions to global civilization. Attempts to exterminate our race one hundred years ago by the Ottoman Turks failed because of our faith, our ethnic pride and our history.

We appeal to you, today, to preserve this unique heritage by fortifying the financial well-being of our church.

Please help us meet our needs by pledging any amount of donation to this emergency appeal of matching funds.
We must  raise $100,000 to keep our doors open for the future of our children, our elderly and our community. We have a few generous donors who have advanced funds, and that has helped with our immediate needs, but we cannot continue to rely only on the few. This church belongs to all of us – we are all the caretakers, and now it calls to all of us for help.

We ask that you search your heart and memory for what this church has meant to you — what your heritage has meant to you —  and contribute to this worthy cause based upon that memory.

St David is not only our church but also our community’s heart, and it needs your help. Your generosity during this time will allow this church to stand another 26 years, and beyond.


Plant apricot or pomegranate seeds in our Church
that have been symbolic to our ancestral land
Apricot $250 – $500
Pomegranate $1,000+ 
A professional artist will paint a glorious tree in our narthex with your name on either a pomegranate or an apricot.  It is a gift that generations to come will admire and reflect upon.


Please make all checks payable to St. David Armenian Church