Alex and Marie Manoogian Armenian & Sunday School

Sunday School 5
Dear Parents,
The goals of St. David’s Armenian and Sunday School include educating our students about the religion, language, history and culture of the Armenian people. We encourage you to support your child’s learning by following these guidelines.
Please take attendance seriously. School starts at
9:45 am. It is important for students to arrive on time and to attend on a regular basis. It is also necessary for students to come to school ready to work and learn. This means that students must have their books and learning materials with them. They also need to have their homework completed before they arrive. Please check your child’s backpack for information regarding lessons, events and upcoming programs. (Note: Our Tarkmanchats Day Program will be held on October 9
. Students will need to practice their poems or songs to prepare. Please help them get ready.)
Students eat lunch between
11:00 – 11:30 am
. Parents need to make sure that their children bring their packed lunches to school.
Support our school’s efforts by actively showing an interest in your child’s education. What we say and do in our daily lives can impact our children’s attitudes toward school and learning. Ask your child to share what he or she learns in Armenian school each week. Showing our children that we value our cultural and religious education and use it in our daily lives can contribute greatly to their success.
Dress codes provide a sense of school pride and unity. Please make sure your child comes to school dressed appropriately. All students are required to wear their school shirts, dark pants or skirts and conservative shoes.
We welcome your involvement to support our school efforts. Please sign up to volunteer.
Together, we can ensure a positive and successful learning experience!
Administrative Director
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End of 2015-2016 School Year Hantes